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We are toy share experience

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When we become parents, we want to pamper our children by giving them all the toys we see or ask for, and we usually overdo it without thinking that our children don't need as many toys. We love to see their faces when they receive a new toy and end up filling their rooms and some areas of the house to the point that we don't know where else to store them.

But have you realized that our kids play little time with toys and leave them as new in their early years of life? Children grow up fast (more than we'd like), and their gaming needs are changing. We spend on toys that usually our kids don't like, but we have already bought them!  We keep them for when the child may be interested, so unused toys are piled in a corner at home and often end up in the trash. 

Thinking about all this, we firmly believe that we must break the trend of consumerism. That is why TSE was born, where you can rent toys for the time that your child will really enjoy without saturating the spaces of your house. Also, by renting toys, we contribute to have a better environment by re-using toys in several homes making more children happy.

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