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Chidlren's Toys

There’s growing evidence, based on scientific studies, that owning too many toys has disadvantageous effects on children. A simple online search on the subject will yield dozens of articles, like the one titled “Study Underscores Why Fewer Toys Is the Better Option” by Dr. Susan Newman, that support this claim with sound, proven facts. Parents are being warned that by getting lots of toys, they will in fact hinder their children's learning. However, parents are not being offered a proper guide to an optimal relationship with toys.


The Parent Dilemma

As parents, we get it: having too many toys will likely make my toddler more distracted, less creative, and in the era of screens, seeing a preschooler unable to properly focus from having grown up during their first years with too many toys around is not a desirable thing either. But what can we do then, in terms of the right amount and types of toys to get? The idea of a little kid having just 4 toys during a year of their childhood doesn’t seem very conducive to child development, either. This is where Toy Share Experience comes in the picture. Toy Share Experience was created to provide the balance that many parents interested in their children’s optimal development are seeking for.


Why Renting Is Great

Renting is a novel approach to toy ownership, but it’s the magic formula to help children absorb everything that is positive about toys, while pushing aside the negative side effects that ---let’s admit it--- toy consumerism leads to. How to strike this balance? Simple: rent 5 toys at a time on a monthly basis. That way, you will let your children make the most of them and better incorporate to their cognitive development the benefits of the chosen toys.


The huge advantage of the toy rental approach is that, when you look at the course of a year renting toys on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, you will have found that fine balance of less toys and more learning, even though you actually did expose your kids to a wider variety of toys! Through its rental model, Toy Share Experience helps you administer in moderation your child’s access to toys, maximizing their creative learning experience.


Put differently, those 20 + toys that your kid would otherwise have piled around the room, contributing to limited resourcefulness, stagnating imagination, and lower problem-solving ability, will now have a chance to properly pass onto your child everything they were meant to give, because they were made available to your child in small groups at a time.


The math works!

There are numerous additional benefits of renting that we haven’t mentioned yet; one of them has to do with your wallet. When you do the math considering the retail value of our toys, paired with our Free Delivery service (for orders $30 and up), you’ll realize that by the end of the year you will have spent less on quality toys, but more importantly, you will have provided your child the best learning experience thanks to this balanced exposure to developmental toys, at no extra cost.

Are you ready to break the trend?

Visit our online catalogue and let your children start a smarter relationship with toys.

Make a smooth transition to become a greener parent

Our Toy Tidying & Swap services are a great way to transition into becoming a greener parent. We can help you get rid of excess toys and better manage your space to focus on the toys that really matter for your child's development. In addition to this, we help you choose the right toys for your kids by means of our Toy Rental Guide. Use the chart to identify the skills that our carefully selected toys will help your child develop.


Additional Resources:

Here are several links to online articles where you can learn more about the negative side effects of having too many toys:

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