First and foremost, our toy rental service has an intrinsically educational approach. We gear our services to parents who are conscious of the important role toys play as a source of developmental skills formation. Toy Share Experience allows you to switch to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to toy ownership. All of our toys have been carefully selected based on their ability to provide the best growing experience for your children.


 Numerous scientific studies have evidenced the negative consequences of having too many toys. Our toy rental model will help create new generations of children who are more focused thanks to the healthier relationship they had with their toys. 

We Help You Transition To Become a Greener Parent

If don't know from where to start, we're here to assist you! We have some tools and services at your disposal. For example: if you have too many toys at home, our Toy Swap service will help you clear space for the toys that really matter, while earning coupons that you can use towards our services.


On the other hand, we help you choose the right toys for your kids by means of our Toy Rental Guide. Use the chart to identify the skills that our toys will help your child develop. You can also download a copy of this guide for easier use.

Practical And Convenient With Free Delivery

It is expensive to keep up with the latest toys and we create waste when we throw away the toys that children have outgrown. Children grow up so fast! That’s why renting is more practical, especially as they go through the toddler and preschooler years.


For your convenience, we offer a free delivery service on orders over $30. Once you rent the toys online, we pack them into a clean box and dispatch our driver on delivery days. You may also opt for coming to our location and pick up the toy box that will be waiting for you. 

Covid-19 Safety Protocol

Health comes first! Therefore, as part of our efforts to fight the covid-19 pandemic (and because we are parents ourselves) we are pleased to inform you that we are following a strict protocol to keep all toys clean and safe to use. This means we thoroughly wash and sanitize all toy parts. We have gone as far as laminating cards belonging to some toy sets, as to ensure they’re 100% clean. 

We Care About The Environment

In an age of overconsumption, we encourage you to embrace the alternative of renting toys to help reduce environmental waste.  Let’s encourage a new relationship with toys that is good for the planet. On our end, we commit to provide high-value toys to keep your kids’ playing experience meaningful and rewarding. 

Service Areas

Please, note that currently we are offering toy rental service in the areas of Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows and Guilford (Surrey).

Payment Methods

We only accept online credit card payments.
No cash. No debit.